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I can’t wait to see what happens next, especially when Pat’s meddling sisters contest her will.

“First time I got the full sight of Shug Avery long black body with it black plum nipples, look like her mouth, I thought I had turned into a man.” ― From My Secrets Your Lies by by N’TYSE (Re-release) Urban Renaissance Release Date: September 27, 2016 Given all that Sand and Rene have been through, the couple lands an opportunity to share their life story in the upcoming documentary, .

Many of these objections come from parents, school administrators or advocacy groups who contend that its racially and sexually-charged themes are inappropriate for young readers.

21 Questions by Mason Dixon Bold Strokes Books Release Date: November 15, 2016 Kenya Davis’s ability to find the perfect employee is unparalleled. But with her spotty romantic track record, how can she be sure which woman is Miss Right and which is only Miss Right Now?Summer’s over: Yes, autumn is here, and I for one am happy about. The Dawn of Nia by Lauren Cherelle I’m a third of the way through by Lauren Cherelle, and what a powerful story so far.It’s a been a hot summer, and I’m all for cooler, light-jacket weather. I’ve already picked out my fall-flavored beverage, Green Mountain Coffee Autumn Harvest Blend, and it’s so good. This book deals with Nia, a nurse who tended to her mentor Pat during her illness, and discovers after her death that she didn’t know Pat as well as she thought.But just know if you don’t find me here at Sistahs on the Shelf, I’m ALWAYS reading.My Goodreads account is where you can keep track of what I’m devouring at the moment.

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