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JT: I imagine it’s been helpful as well, in terms of the notoriety you’ve gotten from the TV show? Because if you think of a small film like Echo Park, it’s a teeny tiny budget but I was able to go back to Ellen to talk about it in front of a worldwide audience of seven million people. It was loosely based on a couple of situations and people I know.To get that kind of exposure on a movie this small is next to impossible. People who, even though they’re British or from Europe, they still have immigration problems, work problems, or money problems and they have to move back home.She wrote a great script and Amanda Marsalis came on board to direct and that was it. We just had a similar conversation with RZA when Brick Mansions was released.

But I really believe that as long as you don’t play a victim, you can play anything.For instance, if they have a block party every 4th of July and they shut the street down and they’ve been doing it for years, let them do it.If you come into a neighborhood, you see the good that exists and support that.JT: It’s interesting to hear about the difference in interracial relationships in the UK compared to the US.TO: Yeah and I think, without getting into the deep racial context of it, you have to take into consideration how African Americans have come to be here.

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