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You can navigate through the folders on the left side and use the up, down, left, and right arrows in the upper-right corner.

Open Without Opening You can open any clip in the Source Monitor without actually importing it into Adobe Premiere Pro.

The first step to starting a project is getting your media into Adobe Premiere Pro.

No matter what kind of project you’re doing, if you can’t import media, you’re stuck.

By default, you’ll find the Media Browser in the lower-left corner (if your workspace is set to Editing).

You can also quickly access it by pressing Shift 8.

Because it’s a dedicated panel in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can save it to a specific workspace or move it around so it lives in a different part of the interface.

This makes it easy to browse and locate clips without first importing them.Adobe Premiere Pro permits only one project to be open at a time.If you want to access a second project, you have to import it.) automatically recognizes camera media, meaning that if you navigate into a directory of XDCAM, P2, or RED files (among others), it will autorecognize the footage.This makes it easy to use and adjust metadata from the field.

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