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On July 6th a gale rises up and the din prevents the mutineers from hailing the ship they are waiting for. On July 8th Dirk Peters speaks with Augustus privately and asks if the young man will help him if he decides to take back the ship; Augustus agrees promptly.

The next day Hartman Rogers, of the cook's gang, dies after suffering spasms.

It becomes clear that the man's earlier intoxication was a feint.

After he leaves Augustus and Pym discuss telling Peters about Pym's presence.

A ship must be able to gain its equilibrium in a storm, and improperly organized stowage can prevent that.

As Pym rests in his hiding place, he hears and sees the mate and Dirk Peters come into the berth where Augustus is lying.

The mate sees the body and is horrified – perhaps due to remorse – and says that it must be prepared for sea burial.

Pym dresses up as the corpse and presents "a most shocking appearance" and possesses "a sense of vague awe at my appearance". The mutineers are engaged in conversation and are not as drunk as usual.

They hear the men talking about Peters and Augustus needing to be thrown overboard.

Pym thinks that if he dresses up like the corpse and frightens the crew, they will have the advantage.

This being decided upon as the plan, Peters goes to the deck and is able to throw Allen overboard.

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